Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Integration accomplished

So it's been already seven months now since our arrival. Overall our immigration seems a complete success so far. My wife and me we both have stable and well-enough paying jobs and in July we will be moving into a condo that we just bought.
We have so many things to do and discover here that I don't have time to update this blog here anymore.
For any questions just leave me a comment.


Buccaneer said...

I read your blog, all pposts in 30 mins! :)

I am almost at the end of the process myself and currently I am running around getting a bank draft for the RPRF and also getting a good store to take my pictures as per the dimensions they so stringently mention!

I am so excited...I wonder how the job market is these days...

Benedict said...

Nice blog, just found it :) Are you guys still in North America?

oHoToS said...

Yes, still in Canada and happy to be here! And in the meantime we even became Canadian citizens.