Monday, August 22, 2005

Euro to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate

I hope that the exchange rate EUR-CAD will go back to the level of the beginning of the year until we have to exchange our savings next year!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

We were getting desperate...

During the last days we were preparing ourselves for the worst. As the postal acknowledgement of receipt for our federal application hadn't arrived after over a month we already filed a complaint at our local post office and decided to gather all the documents again to resend the application. That would have meant to get new police certificates and to pay again for their translation... yes we were quite demoralized. But then, this morning someone rang on the door. It was an elderly man living down next street, he handed me the acknowledgement of receipt and said that this might be important for me. I was so happy! Actually the postman delivered the mail to the wrong street. So now we're really relieved that our application is on track.
Since a week or so we have Internet access at home, so I am planning to update this blog a bit more regularly.