Tuesday, July 12, 2005

By the way...

Back in march I posted about the freezing winter temperatures in Quebec. I have been following the weather reports closely and was very surprised to see that cities like Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto had even hotter weather than the already hot Barcelona during the last 30 days.

Federal application ready to be sent out

Today my wife will go and post our federal application. Yesterday I went through all the paperwork for the gazillionth time making sure that there is not one single tiny mistake... everything OK. That until my dear wife found that I mixed up two birthdates on one form. I rapidly corrected the mistake and now hopefully everything should be complete and to the entire satisfaction of the visa officers at the Canadian embassy in Paris who will have the hard task (or should I say honor?) to evaluate the application.
We were not really in a hurry to post the application since we received the selection certificate from Quebec immigration, we are timing it a bit because we only plan to leave after next year's summer. But now that it's done we'll be happy/anxious to wait for the first signs of life from the embassy's immigration service!