Friday, July 14, 2006

Our first two weeks in Montreal

So now it has been over two weeks already that we landed as immigrants, I finally got hooked up for Internet by cable so I can resume writing this blog.
Immigration at the airport was a very smooth procedure, verification of passports, visa and permanent resident confirmation by the first agent, then another agent verified again and filled out all the paperwork, then we went to Quebec immigration where we were enrolled for an information session for new immigrants and given a few explanations and helpful stuff like bus and metro maps. After realising that two of our checked bags hadn't arrived in Montreal we finally went through customs and then took our first steps out of the airport to breathe our first Canadian air before taking a taxi to our new home in Montreal.
Having never been to Canada before landing here, our first impression of Montreal is "this is just like the US but in french". Generally we like everything we've seen so far and we have a lot more to discover. What have we been up to? Paperwork mostly, the first days we went to get our social security number here and then made our application for our health insurance cards here.
Enough for today...

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David Tremblay said...

Très bon blog, j'ai bien aimé.
C'est très riche au niveau de contenu et la qualité des articles.

Ca me fait plaisir, de vous laisser ce mot cher ami

David Tremblay.